Our enhanced Covid-19 cleaning regime

Our Covid-19 cleaning check-list: keeping you safe during your stay on Holy Island

We want you to feel confident that your stay at Belvue Guesthouse is as safe as we can make it. We already have a reputation for keeping our rooms spotless, but in the wake of Covid-19, we have conducted a risk assessment, to review and address additional cleaning required for the safety of our guests. This review is ongoing, so if we deem there is a need to add to it or change it for your safety or after further guidance, we will certainly do so.

This list is in addition to our usual thorough cleaning regime.

Books and maps. If you have stayed with us before, you may notice fewer informational books/maps (and games) in your room (though you’ll always have at least one guide book to the island and a map). This is because we will rotate them so that every one of these items has been held for at least 72 hours before they are placed in a guest room again. This is the period estimated after which viruses on surfaces are no longer viable. We have ordered additional items, to minimise the impact of this change.


The latest guidance is that we should not enter guest rooms during their stay, including for housekeeping. If you need more towels or fresh bed sheets we’d be happy to oblige. Obviously, if there is any issue with the room, please let us know. We are here to help.


There is very little interaction between guests, and our communal areas are limited to the hall and porch. When you leave or enter your room, if you see anyone else in those areas, please respect others and let them through, observing social distancing.

There is hand sanitiser in the hall, which you are invited to use, especially before touching any communal surfaces/handles when coming or going and after using the code lock at the front entrance.

As part of our cleaning routine, we will regularly sanitise the following in communal areas:

  • Door handles
  • Hall table
  • Key drop container
  • Top of handrail (next to Abbot studio)
  • Light switches (though note the lights in this area are automated, so there is no need to touch them)
  • Recycle bin lid


There are communal tables and chairs in the front enclosure, which will be sanitised. Seat cushions will be cleaned with anti-viral soft furnishings spray. If you use outdoor cushions, please return them to the middle shelf in the porch, so we know they need cleaning.


The following will be replaced in each room before each new set of guests arrives (in addition to bedding and towels, as you would expect):

  • Pillow protectors
  • Door code cards
  • Used crockery, cutlery and glassware (please do not wash and return dishes to the cupboard. Leave them on the sink or side).
  • Toilet roll top sheets
  • Toiletries and shower cap
  • Books/maps with local information, games and bedside anthologies (these will be rotated, so that the ones in your room have not been used for at least 72 hours, after which it is considered viruses cannot survive on surfaces).

Enhanced cleaning routine

The following items in the rooms will be sanitised, as part of our enhanced cleaning and sanitisation routine, prior to each guest arriving for their stay.

All rooms (Pilgrim room, Reiver and Abbot suites)

  • Bed throws and cushions (washed/sanitised)
  • Door keys
  • Door handles
  • All hard surfaces (shelves and window ledges)
  • Bedside cabinets: drawers tops and handles
  • En-suite bathrooms (toilet, shower, shower squeegee, sink, soap dispenser, toilet spray, sanitary bag dispenser, toothbrush holder)
  • Kettle
  • Bed headboard
  • Bedside lamps and switches
  • Coasters
  • Remote controls (placed in fresh safety bag)
  • Alarm clock
  • USB and electrical sockets
  • Light switches
  • Bin lids (room and en-suite)
  • Radiator control units and tops.
  • Towel rail surfaces and control units
  • Wifi information picture frames and glass
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Bath mat
  • Guest Information folder (we will wipe the folder and all plastic pockets within it)

Reiver and Abbot Suites

  • Wardrobe doors, drawers, handles and hangers
  • Kitchenette doors and sides, handles, surfaces, and sink
  • Cleaning equipment (scouring pad, washing up liquid)
  • Microwave and toaster
  • Floor lamp column
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Wardrobe doors, handles and hangers
  • Iron and ironing Board
  • Cafetière
  • Can and bottle openers
  • Boat bookcase shelves
  • Sofa (in Reiver studio. Will be cleaned with anti-viral spray and wipe)
  • Vanity unit stool (in Reiver studio)
  • Coffee table (in Reiver studio)
  • Cup and saucer drawers for Pilgrim Room (in hall area)

Final request: social distancing in Holy Island Village

The population on Holy Island has a large percentage of residents in the vulnerable categories. Please respect them and businesses on the island by observing social distancing whenever you are out and about.

Our Covid-19 updates page

For more information about bookings and how we reduce risks with actions such as contact-free check in, please see our Corona Virus Updates page.