Holy Island Accommodation Survey (April 2021)

Holy Island of Lindisfarne - aerial view

Hospitality Accommodation Survey 2021 (Holy Island/Lindisfarne)

We’ve originally collected this information for our internal tracking, but I thought it would be good to share. The intention is to use the 2021 data as a baseline, which we will track over time. When quoting these figures, please reference this page’s URL.

Serviced accommodation / Shorter stays

Number of properties: 7

Number of rooms: 34

Guest capacity: 72 (bedrooms vary 1-4 guest capacity)

Wheelchair accessible rooms: 1

Dog friendly rooms: ~6

Short stay properties closed down permanently in 2020-21 (to April 2021)

Number of properties: 2

Number of rooms: 8

Guest capacity: 14

Capacity decrease: 16%

Holiday lets / Longer stays

Number of properties: 40

Dog friendly properties: 22 (55%)

Wheelchair accessible properties: 3 (7.5%)

Number of bedrooms: 94

Total guest capacity: 184 (bedrooms vary 1-4 guest capacity. There are also 12 properties with extra sofa beds, not included in the tally).

Holiday let share of overall housing*

Overall dwellings: 168

Holiday lets proportion of dwellings: 24%

Important note: this does not mean that 76% of the rest of housing is lived in by residents. On top of holiday lets there will also be second homes. In 2011, about 40% of dwellings were not permanently lived in. We will get a clearer picture when demographic data from the 2021 census are released.

* The overall dwellings figure is based on 2011 census numbers. They may be slightly skewed by properties that have become commercial (e.g. shops), though this is likely offset by those that have gone the other way (e.g. pub to dwelling etc.). There will also be changes to housing stock and its use over this period. Again, we will have better data once we have 2021 census demographics.

Image source: Google

Citation (permalink): https://holy-island.uk/holy-island-accommodation-survey-april-2021/

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