Is Holy Island (Lindisfarne) open?

Holy Island is open

We’re getting lots of queries about what is and isn’t open on the island, so we’re keeping this page live and updated regularly.

Last updated: 25 July 2022

Current status

Holy island is open for visitors. Like the rest of England, it followed the government’s Roadmap out of lockdown. There are no restrictions that are specific to Holy Island. Accommodation, shops, pubs and cafes have all reopened. As with normal years, some businesses will close for winter, and some opening times will be affected by tide times on particular days.

We’ve had some calls from people thinking the island is closed because of bird flu. This is not the case. The confusion arises because the Farne Islands are closed to landing, but Lindisfarne (Holy Island) is open as usual.

North Sea tides continue to operate as usual and are unaffected by government restrictions. Please refresh your knowledge on how to cross the causeway to the island safely before you visit.

Holy Island parking and public toilets

Car parks and public toilets on the island are open.

Food options

All food establishment on the island have reopened. It is highly recommended you book dinner in advance (ideally a week or two before, if possible). Dinner places are limited and often sell out, even outside of high season, due to the high number of staycations following Covid. As with the rest of the country, some hospitality venues are short-staffed, and service might take longer. Please be understanding with them. They’ve not had an easy time. See our information page about food options.

Accommodation bookings

2022 high season was the busiest ever, with most vacancies during the summer months selling out. We’re already seeing increased bookings for 2023, and expect a busy year. If you plan to stay on the island, don’t leave it to the last minute and book well in advance. You can check our availability at Belvue Guesthouse here.

Castle and Priory

Lindisfarne Castle

The castle has reopened (but it is closed in the winter months every year, reopens March). Tickets must be booked in advance for a defined time slot. You can book your visit here.

Lindisfarne Priory

The Priory has reopened, and no longer requires set time slots, but it’s recommended you book your tickets in advance, as they are not always available to purchase on site. You can book your visit here.


Shops have reopened. They’ll appreciate your business.

Public transport

The 477 bus Berwick-Holy Island operate as usual. See our article about public transport to the island for more details.

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