Linhope Spout waterfall | Day trip from Holy Island | Northumberland

Linhope Spout Waterfall - blog
1 Dec

Linhope Spout waterfall | Day trip from Holy Island | Northumberland

This is the start of our series of day trip suggestions for those staying on Holy Island, (also relevant for other visitors to Northumberland, but hey, we live on the Island, so that’s our starting point, and it’s dedicated to our guests).

Only an hour’s drive away from Holy Island, Linhope Spout is a great day trip which rewards you with the stunning 18m waterfall and the beautiful landscapes of the Northumberland National Park.

Getting to Linhope Spout

Set your satnav to NE66 4LZ, and drive until you see the sign that instructs you to drive no further. Park at the side of the road, and continue on foot.

The walk to the waterfall

The walk is about 1.6 miles and the whole experience (with perhaps a picnic and a dip) is about 1.30 – 2 hours, and absolutely worth it for this hidden gem.

The trail is initially a tarmacked road, changing to a track with a moderate descent over moorland with stunning views and then and then a final steep descent to the waterfall. The difficulty level is moderate, with quite a few families taking their children along (though watch them at the final section before the waterfall). It’s all well signposted.

Besides the horses and sheep there’s a chance to spot red squirrels, red grouse and other wildlife, and most of all the beautiful views no matter the weather.




Linhope Spout Trail

Linhope Spout valley view