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Don’t wait for the tide: New Holy Island Cuddy Duck Tours Service will carry you across the causeway

New Cuddy Duck Tours Service to launch on Holy Island*

Update: we’ve had people ring trying to book tickets. As it says at the end, this was an April Fool’s. It’s not true.

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in Northumberland is only accessible at low tide. Until now, that is. A new service launching in 2020 will ferry passengers across the causeway at high tide. No longer will locals and visitors have to plan their visits at the whims of the North Sea.

The service will run from the Chare Ends car park on the island to a designated car park in Beal, which was leased by the company from a local farmer. “It’s a local park and tide,” said Cuddy Duck Tours director Graham Farnespill. “We think it’s high time that high tides on the causeway cease to be a barrier to visiting the island. We made it to the moon. We should be able to cross a bit of seawater.”

During low tides, the company plans to run seal-watching tours around to Lindisfarne Castle and back.

Ticket prices will be £15 one-way and £20 return. Island residents will be able to use the service for £1 one-way and £2 return.

* This was an April Fool’s joke. And no, it isn’t true. 

Picture credit: Creative commons


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