Holy Island – Visitor information

How to get here

The causeway by car

Crossing the causeway to Holy Island: tips, tides and safety. How to cross, when to cross, and what to look out for.

Pilgrim's Way, Holy Island

Walking the Pilgrim’s Way

Walking the ancient Pilgrim’s route to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, how to do so safely, minding tide times.

Pay and Display Car Park sign at Chare Ends car park, Holy Island

Parking on Holy Island

Locations, cost, restrictions and EV charging: car parks on Holy Island.

Lindisfarne Castle in the mists

Getting to Holy Island by Public Transport

How to get here by train, bus, taxi from across the UK and nearest airports: easily achievable, but needs some careful planning.

Car submerged on the Holy Island Causeway

Video: Holy Island's causeway – What you need to know

How to cross the causeway safely, how the tides work, how do cars get caught out (10 minutes).

Your time on the Island

Sun rising behind Lindisfarne Castle on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

What to do on Holy Island: a short guide

Top 12 things to do/see on Holy Island. Viewing points around Holy Island. Things to do on Holy Island when it’s raining.

Holy Island Beach at sunset

Walking routes around Holy Island

In which we share a few of our favourite walks on the island, including the circular route to the North Shore.

Full English Breakfast on a plate

Food options on Holy Island

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options on Holy Island and in the vicinity. Will be updated for post Covid-19 information when we have it.

Lindisfarne Castle

Visiting Lindisfarne Castle

Everything you need to know about visiting Lindisfarne Castle and the Gertrude Jekyll Garden, opening times, prices, history etc.

Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

Visiting Lindisfarne Priory

Visitor information, opening times, costs, history, saints and Vikings. All the information you need about visiting Lindisfarne Priory.

Sign saying: Welcome to Holy Island. Please use the visitors car park and help protect our village

Amenities on Holy Island

Pubs, cafes, toilets, cash, etc.

Map of wild swimming locations on Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Wild swimming on Holy Island

Recommended beaches for swimming on the island, with safety tips.

Grey Seal

Seal watching on Holy Island

Seals on Holy Island and the Farnes: when and where to see them.

Accommodation & Camping

Book accommodation on Holy Island

Stay ‘on island’ in this peaceful oasis of a guesthouse, within walking distance of all Holy Island attractions.

Tent - camping at night

Camping and caravanning in the area

Options for camping and caravanning near Holy Island.

Castle webcam

Lindisfarne Castle Webcam LIVE

Just like being here in person, watch our Holy Island webcam, trained on Lindisfarne Castle.


Calm weather Holy Island

The best time to visit Holy Island

Each time of year is different, and which you choose for your visit depends on what’s important to you.

Spending high tide on Holy Island

Holy Island in high tide, when all the tourists are gone is a completely different experience.

Reindeer of lights at Christmas on Holy Island

Spending Easter and Christmas on Holy Island

Easter and Christmas are special times on Holy Island, each with its distinctive characteristics.

Holy Island Camino Shell

A Camino Shell on Holy Island?

The Camino Shell on Chare Ends explained, and how it represents our own personal connection to the Camino de Santiago.

Aurora over Lindisfarne Castle

Viewing the Northern Lights on Holy Island

What you need to know about viewing the aurora here.

Holy Island Solo traveller

Holy Island for solo travellers

Holy Island in Northumberland is a friendly destination for solo travellers.

Who was Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne?

Who was St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne?

Crossing the causeway to Holy Island: tips, tides and safety. How to cross, when to cross, what to look out for.

Post car drives across the sands to Holy Island

Holy Island on TV, Radio, Video and Film

TV, Radio video and film programmes about the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.


Books about Holy Island

Books about and set on the island.

Long-distance walks/pilgrimages

Footsteps in the sand, Pilgrim's Way to Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Long distance walks / Pilgrimages

Our guides to St Cuthbert’s Way, St Oswald’s Way and the Forth to Farne Way. Ancient routes that take between four and eight days to walk.

Holy islands of UK and Ireland

St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

Holy Islands of UK & Ireland

Information about the four holy islands in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.